‘Say What?’ – the importance of Questioning Questions – our next installment on utilizing Socratic Questions for Sales & Marketing Leaders – Spinach Helpful tip of the week

‘What is a ‘Spinach helpful tip’? – When a friend tells you what you don’t know – especially when you don’t know it!

Socratic Questioning as part of your day to day Sales & Marketing Leadership  

In this our third installment we will continue to explore Socratic Questioning methods you should utilize to better understand a persons ‘Questions’

Questioning Questions:  Every day as  Sales and Marketing Leaders your asked to respond or provide your thoughts to different situations. Your faced with questions, but by using questions seeking to learn what is behind the situation or question before you offers you the opportunity to dig deeper and then fully develop your thoughts and shape your response. Whatever form your thoughts take, whether it’s actions or words.

First respond, ‘Say What?’, allowing yourself to take a breathe before you finalize your thoughts a much more comfortable position for our fellow introverts, but one that can be anguish for extroverts. The old adage, ‘you have two (2) ears, Socrates - Golden Ratio Marketing - Demos 2 Go - Marketing - SEO - SEMand one (1) mouth, so you should listen twice as much as you talk!‘, follows Socrates advice here.  Before you respond, or make an snap decision or off the cuff response, Socrates recommended you question the question. You should start from a position or assumption you don’t fully understand a thought or response until you understand the question that gives rise to it.

Questions that help you focus on questions to better understand a person or groups thinking include:

  • I’m not sure exactly what question you are raising. Could you explain it?
  • What are the main questions that guide the way you behave in this or that situation?
  • Is this question the best one to focus on at this point, or is there a more pressing question you need to address?
  • What questions might you be failing to ask that you should be asking?


So let’s understand what is the desired decision/outcome the champion hopes to achieve and how are they going to align with the desired  WIIFM or What’s In It For Me for the consumer whether they are B2B or B2C.  Question the question before finalizing your thought and don’t assume you fully understand someone’s question thought  until you understand the drivers behind it.

Time to tell them about the Spinach in their teeth right now.

What is a ‘Spinach helpful tip’? Have you ever walked around with sPopeye Spinachomething in your teeth, and no one tells you. A real friend takes you to the side and tells you. It may be embarrassing at first but not as bad as finding out at the end of the day when it is too late to do anything about it.  Especially if you are trying to create a positive brand image and lead your organization to success!

Best regards,

Chris A. Marshall

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