If you can’t hear the music can you still dance? – Spinach Helpful Tip of the Week

Those who dance are considered insane George Carlinby those who cannot hear the music.” – George Carlin 

‘What is a ‘Spinach helpful tip’? – When a friend tells you what you don’t know – especially when you don’t know it!
Lucky Tiger Shaving
Can you hear the music? Who is dancing in your organization? Are you?  and most important of all do you know who in your organization can’t hear the music?

In today’s competitive environment and crowded market you have to be able to hear the music – the music that is being played on the Market-Driven Process radio station. You need to put on your dancing shoes, and tune in your radio and have your entire Organizations burst into a ‘Flashmob’  dancing frenzy – watch T Mobile get it right Click below and enjoy!

Flashmob - Golden Ratio Marketing

As Carlin said, ‘Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music’  and the goal is for you as a leader of your organization to be dancing all over your competition who doesn’t have a clue what is going on until it is too late and the entire station is dancing around them.
Stacy Adams
You need everyone working together utilizing our Marketing Technology stack, leveraging  information both in-house and external to better understand customer and product life-cycles and purchasing habits triggering promotional/marketing programs and contract initiatives that move customers through the customer life-cycle, reducing attrition and driving long-term customer relationships.

We’ve talked about what goes into developing a market plan – the four P’s

  • Product
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Price

Gathering and sifting through all of the available information available through your Marketing Technology stack linked throughout your CRM systems, contract management systems, external data and internal data sources.  Now it’s time to take action, pull back the curtain and let’s see what you’ve got.

I’m talking about gaining internal alignment around your marketing plan within and across your organization, then creating your execution plan  –  so what does it take to dance on T Mobile’s case –

  • about 8 weeks planning (market-driven process market planning)
  • 10,000 auditions (information gathering and analysis)
  • 400 selected (data taken to create market plan)
  •  hidden cameras (to monitor effectiveness – Google Analytics, Marketing Technology stack)

all for a 2:41 minute video – but when you dance on your competition your customers will be dancing with you!

Click Here  –  The Event  – to see how it all happened

Execution Plan down to the ground level including your demand forecast, package size and offering, price structures for your channels, trade/consumer offers, terms of sale, Marcom plan, KOL’s/Experts, Sales targets and Incentive plan, Samples (free goods), etc., and everything else that goes into a successful Market-Driven Organizations execution plan.

Now it’s time to execute with excellence and Dance!

Q: Can you hear the music?

Q: Who is dancing in your organization? are you?

Q: As a leader in you organization do you know who in your organizatioPopeye Spinachn can’t hear the music?

What is a ‘Spinach helpful tip’? Have you ever walked around with something in your teeth, and no one tells you. A real friend takes you to the side and tells you. It may be embarrassing at first but not as bad as finding out at the end of the day when it is too late to do anything about it.  Especially if you are trying to create a positive brand image and lead your organization to success!

Best regards,

Chris A. Marshall

For more information please feel free to review these additional Spinach Helpful Tips regarding the Market-Driven Process at my blog www.demos2g.wordpress.com

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