‘Our 30 second elevator speech explaining our Social Media/Promotion strategy’ – Spinach Helpful Tip of the Week

‘What is a ‘Spinach helpful tip’? – When a friend tells you what you don’t know – especially when you don’t know it!

Someone asked me for a quick 30 second elevator brief explaining how Golden Ratio Marketing would define our Social Media/Promotion basic strategy – I did it in less than 5 we base ours recommendations on Awareness, Engagement and Activation:

A strategy providing guidance for implementation of the optimum mix of organic and paid tools driving Awareness, Engagement and Activation across Social and Digital platforms to deliver results.Social and Digital Platforms

Standard industry recommendations:

  • Owned Content – 30%

  • Content you Curated – 60%

  • Calls To Action (paid) – 10%

Now this mix is going to change based upon where you product is in it’s life-cycle and  what & where you competition is in their products life-cycle.  Depending on whether our consumers are B2B or B2C we’re going to capture a lot of this information from our syndicated retail sales data sources (Nielsen, IRI, SPINS, etc.) where you can look at your cross channel point-of-sale reporting and  data points combined with your retail outlet reports for a clear snapshot looking at historical data.  So our Sales Leadership should have a solid starting point of potential and opportunity.
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Now the Marketing team will need to work through and confirm (if we don’t already know) our buyer persona and buyers journey target demographics for B2C customers, and firmographics for B2B customers, secure information from our Marketing Technology stack and confirm what other data collection and analytical tools we will be utilizing, whether in-house or contract service (SSI, Toluna,  DataFox, Survata, etc.).

We’ll need to take into consideration how our target consumers/customers  are accessing their media, is it via digital, print, radio and/or television so we can plan how we can implement a simple Announcement/Awareness – Engagement – Activation strategy.A Three Phase Social Digital Media Plan

As we’ve said before this is what it is all about – taking your Market analysis – using your dashboards and information from your Marketing Technology stack and testing your outcomes and deliverable’s with a vendor who can provide gamification, shelf tests, heat maps, drag / drops, flip books, 3D views and more mobile-friendly surveys.   Now it is time for the proverbial ‘rubber to meet the road‘ and implement your Phase 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 and win the race:

What is a ‘Spinach helpful tip’? Have you ever walked around with soPopeye Spinachmething in your teeth, and no one tells you. A real friend takes you to the side and tells you. It may be embarrassing at first but not as bad as finding out at the end of the day when it is too late to do anything about it.  Especially if you are trying to create a positive brand image and lead your organization to success!

Best regards,

Chris A. Marshall

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