What does it take to play in the game…..

Have you ever sat down with your team and asked what does to take to get into the game?  We talk about pre-call planning, targeting, filling our sales funnel, creating awareness, building brands, engaging customers and activating them, remarketing….on and on.  What is the market dictating, what is our competition currently doing, what are our customers expectations just to play……where do we start?

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

 Lao Tzu quotes (Chinese taoist Philosopher, founder of Taoism, wrote “Tao Te Ching” (also “The Book of the Way”). 600 BC-531 BC)

How do we keep the journey from becoming a thousand miles and a bunch of wasted steps?  Is your organization following the Ready – Fire – Aim philosophy? Let’s start from the beginning, what’s it going to take to get into the game? and another important question what is the game?

I was talking with someone today who was recruiting for a ‘hunter gather’ role and they asked my opinion on what they should look for, to be successful should they be more strategic or more tactical?  It took me a split second to respond, ‘they had better be strategic if they want to eat.’ – LOL

Fail1When a hunter gather doesn’t know the who, the what, or the where that first step can lead to trouble.  If they go chasing invisible rabbits just because they heard “sic ’em“, it’s can be safer to step back and watch them careening down the hallway bouncing off of walls chasing the red laser pointer dot (it’s funny too as long as they don’t work for you that is).

So, what does it take to get into the game? the right game?  the right prize?  So we aren’t expending a large amount of energy, wasting time and bleeding precious resources which leaves us less capable of actually winning…

I’ve written often in my blogs about getting “Ready” with research and information gathering, to make sure your first step on that journey of a thousand miles or before we yell ‘sic ’em’  as an organization  we’re ready to actually ‘Fire’. It’s almost time to take action and allocate resources, so let’s begin to analyze our information, compare and prioritize our different customer segments. It’s time to sit down discuss and decide where we’re focusing our strategy and what is it going to take to ‘Aim’ at the right opportunities.

‘Aim’ will define what it takes to get into the game or have a place at the table for our organiztaion.  The importance of targeting and segmentation and how we allocate resources will determine whether we’re optimizing our ROI and in today’s environment keeping your ‘jobs’. Steven Coats’ article ‘Ready, Fire, Aim!’ in International Leadership Associates in 2005 shared:

Breakthrough strategies seldom just show up on your desk. They come from a lot of thinking, debating and analyzing them from a number of different perspectives. And then they are validated and strengthened with testing, experimenting, prototyping and other necessary actions. As a leader, you must encourage both innovative thinking and hands-on experimentation if you expect to keep up with your competition.

Here’s where the proverbial rubber meets the road as we begin to align what we do with what our customers need and value. As an organization have we sit down and categorized our customers based upon their potential value. How do you accomplish that?

Q: Does your organization understand what it will take to get into the game?

As we go through the process please provide your insights and thoughts so we have a more robust dialogue and don’t walk around with spinach in our teeth.

Let us know what you think? I wanted to gather your thoughts and insights regarding what does it take to have a seat at the table in your market?

What is a ‘Spinach helpful tip’? Have you ever walked around with sPopeye Spinachomething in your teeth, and no one tells you. A real friend takes you to the side and tells you. It may be embarrassing at first but not as bad as finding out at the end of the day when it is too late to do anything about it. Especially if you are trying to create a positive brand image and lead your organization to success!

Best regards,

Chris A. Marshall


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